Customize Your Floor Plan!
Our specialty is customizing modular floor plans to meet your design requirements!

Did you know that Fairground Homes can build you a CUSTOM FLOORPLAN to fit your needs?

Fairground Homes is pleased to offer our customers custom floorplans. Don't find a floorplan you like?

Let us build one for you!

Here's how to begin:

1) Look through the BonnaVilla, Skyline, Family Built Homes or Redman Floorplans Section of our website.

2) Choose a floorplan similar to what you are looking for.

3) Meet with the experts at Fairground Homes and let us modify the floorplan to suit your individual needs!!


Fairground Homes builds both HUD coded manufactured homes and IRC (International Residential Code) modular homes. In fact, we offer four full lines of IRC modular homes. IRC has higher standards than onsite builders. This IRC design criteria allows basement applications to become more practical and cost effective. 

We can help ensure your home has maximum insulation for the best energy efficiency for the Wyoming climate too!

If you have any questions about custom floorplans for manufactured homes at Fairground Homes stop by our location at 2130 Fairgrounds Road or call (307) 237-7062.

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